About Us

Ipswich School Sports Centre aims to support local schools, communities and clubs through the provision of top quality sports facilities and coaching.


ISSC Strategy:

Encourage participation in sport at all ages (playing, coaching, and umpiring)

  • To provide a provision and opportunity for the local community to take part in a variety of sporting activities for all ages and abilities
  • To market sports programmes and clubs using the latest social media and governing body schemes/initiatives
  • Delivering a structured programme of sporting and social events throughout the year so the community feel a sense of belonging to the centre
  • To ensure we achieve a high level of bookings by working alongside Ipswich School and making the system of enquiry and booking as simple and easy to carry out as possible
  • Determine targets for future sport and leisure investment by implementing new programmes and continued development of facilities
  • Provide positive life experiences and opportunities through sport
  • Creating a Coach Education Hub at Rushmere

Support Local Sports Clubs, Schools and Governing Bodies

  • Giving ISSC sports clubs opportunities to market their club to the community using our website, facilities and events
  • Giving the clubs the opportunities to create their own social events on site
  • Giving sports clubs access to high quality sport festivals, leagues and tournaments
  • Making the facilities available for clubs and governing bodies to use for coach development, player pathway sessions and special events
  • Work alongside National Governing Body schemes to help promote physical activity and specific sports
  • Delivering high quality sport sessions in curriculum time in local schools by giving schools the opportunity to use our facilities at a low cost and help with transport if required.
  • Support Junior and Youth Sport Development in Ipswich and the surrounding areas
  • Obtain major events for the local community to be a part of.
  • Create close links with Suffolk Hockey and Suffolk Sport by becoming a base for their facilities use and developing specific programmes which they can promote

Promoting healthy living and socialising

  • Create a safe and secure environment where the community feel they are welcome at all times
  • Giving ISSC clubs the opportunities to create their own social events on site
  • Creating a sense of belonging to ISSC or group for both social and sporting activities by creating an ISSC club where they receive rewards for being a part of the club.
  • Supporting local charities and governing body schemes with events and programmes
  • Improve the refreshments available for people to purchase through development of a cafe

Continued Development of Facilities

  • To attract National and International competition to the area by sustaining and developing top quality facilities that reach expectations and demands of users and to create a reputation as a provider of excellent sports facilities
  • Maximises a facilities lifespan ensuring that mechanisms and finding are in place to secure regular facility maintenance to enhance the lifespan of the facility and maintain quality standards of provision
  • Identify required resources and potential sources of funds to support the development of our facilities and programmes

Paul Wranek

Director ISSC

Roger Osborne

Sports Centre Manager

Tim Last

Sports Officer

Alex Hayes

Hockey Development Officer

Heather Dixon

Sports Development Officer

Tom Osborne

Sports Officer

Jenny Hyam

Touchline Café Manager

Bev Hudson