Athletics Camp

Mini Athletics Camp

Making Athletics Fun!

Providing a balanced programme of athletics activities, techniques, skills and games. ISSC and SASUK working alongside each other to make the school holidays the most enjoyable time of the year using a positive, healthy and safe sporting environment.

What to expect on our mini camp:

  • Be a part of a Mini Olympics! Represent a Nation/Country throughout the two days
  • Under the guidance of experienced coaches, children will take part in a wide range of athletics events such as – sprinting, long jump and javelin
  • A variety of training methods and techniques
  • Developing as an individual as well as in a team
  • Prizes to be won!

ISSC Athletics Camp Terms and Conditions click here

To find out more information about our athletics camp please email or phone 01473 272525.

Progress Athletics Camp

An intense training camp for keen athletes

Regardless of the athlete’s ability or current experience in the sport the camp aspires to help all athletes develop both core strength and fitness as well as specific techniques and skills requires for chosen event(s).

What to expect on our progress camp:

  • Highly qualified coaches (SASUK qualified England Athletics Coaches will be working alongside ISSC during this camp)
  • Core training that caters to all athletics discipline
  • Video analysis
  • Individual coaching in your main event(s)
  • Specific training programmes to meet individual needs
  • A variety of training methods and techniques including video analysis
  • Awards handed out on the second day

ISSC Athletics Camp Terms and Conditions – click here

To find out more information about our athletics camp please email or phone 01473 272525.

All our athletics camps are run with qualified coaches from SASUK.

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